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A London week

One of the highlights at our school is the London week. 

The pupils of the 3rd form have the possibility to choose between the London week to improve their English and a week in Radstadt, where they see a lot of attractions and do some sport. 

This year eleven pupils (ten boys and one girl) decided to visit London.So two teachers, Bernhard Bair and me (Christine Tschuggnall) accompanied them to Pinner, a nice place in the northwest of London.There they stayed in pairs or groups of three in host families for six days to encourage them to speak English and get to know the eating and live habits there. 

Twice they attended a language school (OME) for four hours in Pinner, all the other time was planned by Bernhard Bair to visit London and its most interesting places. 

So we did a great sightseeing double-decker tour, a boat trip on the river Thames, visited the Tower Bridge Exhibition, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Oxford Street, The London Eye, The London Dungeon, Madame Tussaud’s, The Sherlock Holmes Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, Camden Town and its Horse Stable Market, The Emirate Stadium, Covent Garden and the marvellous musical “Charlie and the chocolate factory”. 

Since 2010 Bernhard Bair is planning this trips to London and since 2013 it’s no longer a bus trip lasting more than 20 hours and much faster and comfortable to go there by plane. 

A week in London costs about 700 Euros including, flights, school, host families, busses and all the sights except pocket money. 

To stay in London is a great experience for the pupils which they will never forget.